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CRE Loaded

CREloaded has 3 integrations.

  1. Quantum Inline Frame API

    Release Date: October 20th, 2009

    Author: Andres from CDGcommerce

    Last Update: October 20th, 2009


    1. Extract the zip file to your computer

    2. Upload the files and directories to your CRE Loaded base directory, preserving the same directory structure.

    3. Login to your Quantum Gateway merchant center at https://quantumgateway.com

    4. Go to the Processing Settings area, and scroll down to the Inline Frame API area.

    5. Set API Enabled to Y

    6. Click Genetate Now for both Api UserName and API Key buttons. Take note of both fields as you will need then for step 16

    7. For both Approved and Decline URL fields, enter the URL to your quantum_process.php file at your CRE Loaded installation. It should be located at your CRE Loaded base directory, so it should be something like:

    8. Leave the Payment Update URL blank.

    9. Set the other fields to match your website design (color, font face, size, logo, heading, etc).

    10. Click the Update button

    11. Login to your CRE Loaded admin interface

    12. Click Modules / Payment

    13. You should see "Quantum Gateway Inline Frame" listed there. Click on it and then, at the right side, click "Install"

    14. Click Quantum Gateway Inline Frame" again, and at the right side click "Edit"

    15. Set "Do you want to accept Quantum Gateway payments" to True

    16. Enter your API Username, and API Key (Generated on Step 6)

    17. Enter the Width and height in pixels (only numbers) for the inline frame.

    18. Click Update.

  2. Authorize.net AIM
  3. Full Integration — Full use of all we have to offer.

Download the full integration module
* Unzip module and ftp into your current installation Login to your CRELoaded admin are and install and configure.

* This module was created by a 3rd party and QuantumGateway can not be held responsible for anyone downloading it.