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CubeCart currently is integrated using the Quantum Transparent DB engine and the Quantum interactive DB engine.
The Transparent method allows credit card payments as well as EFT with CheckGateway.

Download the Non-Interactive module
Download the Interactive module

Unzip module and ftp into your current installation, preserving the same directory structure as in the zip file.
The modules has been tested with CubeCart Version 4.3.3. It does not mean it won't work in future CubeCart releases.

  1. After ftping the files login to your admin area, click on Payment Methods under Modules, scroll down to 'Quantum Gateway Transparent DB engine' or 'Quantum Gateway Interactive DB engine' and click on configure.
  2. Change 'Status' to Enabled
  3. If you want to perform Credit Card Validation before submitting to Quantum, change 'Enable Card Validation' to Enabled
  4. If you want to require your customers to enter CVV code, select Yes for 'Require CVV Code'
  5. Change 'Description' to Online Payment or whatever other Title you prefer.
  6. Enter in your Gateway Login
  7. Enter in your Restrict Key (if enabled in the Processing Settings)
  8. Select the processing mode you want to use. It will override your default Quantum processing settings.
  9. Select 'Default': Yes if you want this module to be your default payment method.
  10. Select 'Debugging': Yes if you want to see debug info when processing a transaction.
  11. Click on Edit Config and you are now ready to use this module.

* This module was created by a 3rd party and QuantumGateway can not be held responsible for anyone downloading it.