We have developed our Database Engine (QGWdbe) for our customers who collect and save ALL customer information and only wish to process the credit card through us.

With this API you can either collect your customers Payment Information or let the QGWdatabase Engine collect it.

Post URL: https://secure.quantumgateway.com/cgi/qgwdbe.php

Recurring Help PDF
API PDF - Last update July 3rd, 2010

Required Fields

Billing Information

Shipping Information

Payment Information

Optional Information


Form Customization

Recurring Information

Custom Required Fields

Example Form

<form method="Post" action="https://secure.quantumgateway.com/cgi/qgwdbe.php">
<input name="gwlogin" type="hidden" value="your_gateway_login">
<input name="post_return_url_approved" type="hidden" value="https://www.mydomain.com/approved.html">
<input name="post_return_url_declined" type="hidden" value="https://www.mydomain.com/declined.html">
<input name="ID" type="hidden" value="your_database_generatedID">
<!--The ID can be anything you wish. ID, email address, username, etc. Something that will get updated when they click on Finish-->
<input name="amount" type="hidden" value="the_trans_dollar_amount">
<input type="hidden" name="BADDR1" value="your value">
<input type="hidden" name="BZIP1" value="your value">
<input type="hidden" name="BCUST_EMAIL" value="your value">
<input type="hidden" name="bg_color" value="rgb color">
<input type="hidden" name="txt_color" value="rgb color">
<input type="hidden" name="company_logo" value="https://www.mydomain.com/images/company_logo.gif">
<input type ="SUBMIT" value="Submit">

Please note that you can not usually submit a form to a .htm or .html page.

Sample Post Back Form

<form action ="either accepted or declined url " method="Post">
<input name="ID" type="hidden" value="your_database_generatedID">
<input name="transID" type="hidden" value="transID">
<input name="authCode" type="hidden" value="authCode">
<input name="decline_reason" type="hidden" value="decline_reason"> # If declined
<input name="errorcode" type="hidden" value="errorcode"> # If declined
<input name="trans_result" type="hidden" value="APPROVED">#incase you have one page to handle declines and approvals
<input name="avs_result" type="hidden" value="AVS Response ">
<input name="cvv2_result" type="hidden" value="CVV2 Result ">
<input name="max_score" type="hidden" value="MaxMind Score ">
<input name="md5_hash" type="hidden" value="fdkjh23498fdsh3487hhhhg238746123g">
<input type ="SUBMIT" value="Finish Processing Order">

Sample GET response


MD5 Hash

We offer a MD5 hash with the same configuration as Authorize.net.

This hash is an optional security feature. You can enable this from the Processing Settings. This featuer will allow you to verify that QuantumGateway actually sent the transaction response. The hash sent back is comprised of combining the Hash in the Processing Settings, Your Gateway Login, TransactionID and the Amount. This combination is the encrypted using MD5 encryption. In your own software you would generate the hash and compare it to what Quantum sends you.