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Quantum Gateway Inline Frames - Version 1

What can I do with this module?
* Process transactions.
* Admin Void transaction.
* Admin force an Auth Only transaction to settle
* Return a transaction.
* Allow customers to store credit card for return visit.


Quantum Gateway Inline Frames - Version 2

What can I do with this module?
* Version 2 does everything Version 1 does.
* Posts all data except the method and authenticated session. See IFrame source v2 example below.
Name, Address and other billing or shipping information are sent in the POST instead of GET.
POST data can not be seen by a customer.
GET data can be. GET data is everything like in your browser address bar.

POST is more secure than GET because it is harder to manipulate what is being sent. In version 1, the first name (FNAME), could be more easily manipulated. Where as the POST value is much more difficult.

IFrame source v1 example:
IFrame source v2 example:


1) Unzip WooCommerce_Quantum.zip
2) Use your favorite FTP client and upload the gateway-quantum-inline.php into your wordpress site's wp-content/plugins/
3) Log into your wordpress admin area.
4) Go to the Plugins section.
5) Activate the "WooCommerce Quantum Inline Frame Gateway"
6) Go to the settings of your WooCommerce plugin.
7) Click on the Checkout tab.
8) Either click on the Quantum Payment Gateway link next to Checkout options or the settings button next to Quantum Payment Gateway under the Gateways section of this page.
9) Enable this gateway and fill in the information that is being asked for.
10) Click on the Save Changes button.

You can now process with Quantum Payment Gateway using WooCommerce.

Change Log

May 6th, 2015 - Fixed decline issues that emptied the cart. Customer is now taken to a declined page of WooCommerce stating
"Unfortunately your order cannot be processed as the originating bank/merchant has declined your transaction.

Please attempt your purchase again or go to your account page."

December 12th, 2022 - Verfied that Version 1 module tested with php 8.x, latest Wordpress(6.1.1) and latest Woocommerce(7.1.1).

December 12th, 2022 - Added information about Version 2 and the link to download file. Tested with php 8.x, latest Wordpress(6.1.1) and latest Woocommerce(7.1.1). Also tested with php 7.4.