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Latest versions of Xcart use one of the following.

* QuantumGateway - https://market.x-cart.com/addons/quantum-gateway.html
* QuantumGateway - XML Requester - https://market.x-cart.com/addons/x-payments-cloud.html

The below will not work on newest versions.

11 February 2009. ADDED SQL files for Version 4.2. Please use the SLQ file that corresponds to your XCart version.

23 December 2008. FIXED an error in interactive module that was not allowing to redirect succesfully after a completed transaction

24 November 2008. FIXED some errors in transparent module's templates.

20 November 2008, UPDATES in both modules:

For the Interactive Module:

  • Module is now posting customer info to Quantum (not only CC info as it was).
  • Removed CVV Type options (now it autodetects if CVV2 code was passed or not)
  • Added Transaction Type options.
  • Added Maxmind option
  • Added Override Email Customer option
  • Added Override Transaction Email option
  • Force Quantum to return response separated by PIPE.
  • SQL rewritten to allow a cleaner installation

For the Transparent Module:

  • Allow Merchant to decide whether to use restrict key or not.

13 November 2008, New Transparent module released.

15 October 2008, IMPORTANT NOTICE: The built-in X-Cart module for Quantum is not up to date and not working properly. Please download the module from this page and install in your X-Cart to ensure proper operation.

03 July 2007, - A third party has submitted this module to us.
V2 Fixes
This module now uses the GET function. This gets rid of the post back url and instead refreshes back to that url, eliminating that one extra step for customers.

X-Cart v4.1.10 released

May 7, 2008, - Qualiteam Software announces the release of X-Cart 4.1.10.

The changes between v4.1.9 and v4.1.10 are:

  • InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor updated to 2.9.8
  • Smarty updated to 2.6.19 version
  • Support for MySQL version 5.0.50-5.0.51 improved
  • A number of tweaks and small changes

For detailed changes description see the CHANGELOG file, which is included into X-Cart installation package, or can be downloaded from the File Area section of your account.

Detailed list of changes is available in the CHANGELOG file inside the